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T‑Solutions is an innovative, agile provider of specialized, technical solutions. With our deep expertise and exceptional capabilities, we help you succeed in today’s era of defense, security, maintenance engineering, logistics, and business transformation.

We are continually striving to adapt emerging and proven technologies to further enhance your abilities.

Maintenance Engineering & Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Our Port Engineers provide waterfront maintenance engineering support services to U.S. Navy surface ships as well as the Regional Maintenance Center Commands, Navy Type Commanders, Navy System Commanders and shipyards. T-Solutions has extensive experience as an RCM leader, preserving system functionality while optimizing maintenance requirements and resources.

Ensuring Reliable Operations
Maritime Maintenance Engineering

T‑Solutions’ Navy Port Engineers are experts in marine engineering. Each acts as a shipowner’s representative, routinely validating the need and defining the scope of shipboard repairs necessary for safe and reliable operations—as well as operational readiness. T‑Solutions’ Port Engineers are also supported by Combat Systems Port Engineers who are specialists in maintaining and repairing U.S. Navy C4I and Combat Systems.

The success of T‑Solutions’ Port Engineer Program can be attributed to the high standards and integrity our Port Engineers display in achieving ship-material readiness within constrained funding levels. It is a fact. T‑Solutions is the go-to source for superior maritime maintenance engineering and support.

Reliability-Centered Maintenance

T‑Solutions’ Port Engineer practice is built on the principles of Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), which is used to identify maintenance tasks that will restore or maintain the inherent reliability of systems and equipment for the least cost. Our experts have refined the practice of RCM/CBM to realize both significant efficiencies in planned maintenance programs at all levels (organizational, intermediate and depot) and improvements in material readiness for the U.S. Navy and commercial clients including Amtrak.

International Engineering

Our uniquely skilled and experienced team of professional engineers, trainers, logisticians and analysts are able to adjust to the individual needs of each country’s navy, working with NAVSEA and the host country. We manage the diversity of culture, limited resources and maintenance requirements for different classes of ex-U.S. Navy vessels to provide the best guidance possible.

Delivering Port Expertise

T‑Solutions is recognized as the worldwide leader in international port engineer services. In our Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program, T‑Solutions is highly sought after because of our expertise in providing in-country waterfront engineering support, specifically ship repair, transfer and ship maintenance port engineering, combat systems engineering, maintenance management, and training for foreign navies throughout the world.

We support these worldwide efforts with our experienced team of port engineers, trainers, logisticians, and analysts who understand the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders that interact in FMS. Each member of our adept team manages the diversity of culture, limited resources, and maintenance requirements for different classes of ex-U.S. Navy vessels to provide the best guidance possible. Their knowledge base allows them to provide solutions for obsolescence issues, material procurement overseas, and potential system upgrades. Each nation and navy is unique, and our professionals are able to craft tailored solutions depending on their needs.

We are the only company in the world that provides these services and, as FMS requirements have expanded, we currently provide oversight of maintenance on over 100 vessels among 15 ship classes for foreign navies around the globe. Our ten years of legacy NAVSEA support gives T‑Solutions the experience for mission success.

Since our founding, we have supported FMS ship maintenance, upgrade, and operational issues in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Logistics & Operations Support

We make it happen. T‑Solutions offers you full-time logistics support for supply chain management and process control, dedicated administrative team members who can coordinate needs and generate required reports, trained and certified environmental and safety experts, and experienced security personnel.

Providing Comprehensive Support

T‑Solutions provides full-time logistics support for our clients’ warehouse operations, transportation needs, vehicle fleet maintenance, procurement, spare and repair parts management, hazardous material management, consumables, plant and minor property management, depot level repairable management, mail, and database management.

Administrative Support

We offer you dedicated administrative office support to augment your staff. This includes full-time executive assistants to coordinate office agendas and events, greet visitors, record meeting minutes, answer phones, prepare correspondence, and perform records management. Our project team members are also well versed in the generation of products in accordance with Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and Data Item Descriptions (DIDs).

Environmental and Safety Support

Our trained and certified subject-matter experts are knowledgeable in environmental and safety regulations, both in the U.S. and in various foreign countries. We reduce risk to your operations and help you avoid costly fines and injuries that can result from noncompliance.


T‑Solutions provides support to operate and maintain your security program, coordinate all security efforts, and provide security training. Our personnel are experienced at processing visit and facility-access change requests in accordance with your policies. We also routinely produce physical access event reports to assess the health of systems, validate the efficacy of organizational security policies, and support investigations.

Our team processes over 10,000 access and visit requests per year in accordance with clients’ policies.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance services will maintain the efficacy and efficiency of processes in your service environments. Through the application of Lean Six Sigma principles, we can help you achieve your strategic goals.

Information Technology & Cybersecurity

Our workforce, offering a wide range of Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity services, is trained and certified to the U.S. Department of Defense IT and cybersecurity standards, and is accustomed to delivering results in a high-tempo environment with stringent security requirements.

Keeping You Secure

T-Solutions provides a wide range of Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity services for the design, installation, and operation of commercial and government information systems. Our workforce is trained and certified to the U.S. Department of Defense IT and cybersecurity standards, and is accustomed to delivering results in a high-tempo environment with stringent security requirements.

We clearly understand our clients operate in heavily regulated environments, and we are experienced at providing compliant solutions, bolstered by sound operating practices and routine auditing, to ensure compliance remains integral throughout each system’s life cycle. It is our philosophy to remain inspection-ready at all times. This philosophy has served our clients well, resulting in favorable outcomes from Inspector General and U.S. Cyber Command audits.

Join Our Team

We are a company that rewards achievement while encouraging personal growth, and it is our mission to offer expert technical solutions through engineering, logistics and operations, IT and cybersecurity, consultation, and environmental and safety support.

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